Pretty Streets

Discover cities through customized walking itineraries

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So cool! Downloading it right away cause I'm definitely going to use it for my trip to Spain next week. :) Just one question, do the maps work offline or only if I'm connected to the internet? Anyway, great job! :)
@em_ristovska thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it! About your question, we are working to do the maps offline, but for the moment, you need to be connected to the internet. Enjoy Spain with Pretty Streets :)
@em_ristovska why do you have to register an account to use the app?
@jujube @em_ristovska agreed i'm not a fan of registering just to test something
Following the product since its very early stage: your progress is amazing! The app value is unique, and the technology is solid. Good work !
@elieslama Thank you Elie! We still have a long road to go, but support of great people like you is invaluable :)
Glad to see you here so that everyone can discover the awesome app you guys made ☺️
Good job! I've been looking for an app like that for a while!
I like the idea but i'm not a fan of registering just to use it... i know you want to grow your user base but you need to look at some non-logged in options... show less... etc
@davidiwanow Hi David, thanks for the feedback. It's always a trade off :). We're proud of what we've done, but we know we're quite imperfect (still slow for the itineraries, need to improve certain cities), we'd rather have a way of communicating our improvements to our early adopters. But we debated this quite a lot because like you, we're no fans of registering before usage. In the end you're right we probably need to devise a faster option. Have a great day