Pretty Printf

Code snippets, pretty printed on posters

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Sup y'all, I made these cause I thought they'd look great on my wall. After all, code can be art! Some friends liked them and wanted their own, so Pretty Printf was born. Use the code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout for 20% off!
These posters are so well-designed. I just opened the webpage and I fell in love with these in a moment! You did an amazing job @MattCondon
I love that you included the hunter2 quote. IRC lives on! :)
Beautifully designed, both the prints and the site. What's your plan on releasing more prints, @MattCondon?
@joshuapinter Thanks so much; glad you like the design! I'm getting feedback from people about more snippets, themes, and fonts they'd like to see, so I'll add more options sometime soon. I'm also playing with the idea of a simple way to create your own prints if the existing ones aren't your style. If there's demand, I'll build it!