Pretty Instant (Express)

On-demand photography for your life & office

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Crazy awesome!!!! Selfies make you look like a soulless narcissist. Pretty Instant makes you look like a rich and sophisticated fun person.
We launched the Pretty Instant Express service to give everyone access to professional photographers. There are so many moments that deserve to be captured and memorialized but the process of hiring a photographer, even through an online marketplace, is way too involved. With Express, there’s no need to search, vet, or negotiate rates. Book last minute (we guarantee a photographer if you book with at least 24hrs notice) or in advance for everything from proposals, parties, and pop-up weddings, to startup & product shoots, real estate listings, and more! Regardless of when you book you’ll know that you’ll get an awesome photographer at a simple flat rate. Really happy to answer questions from anyone about this so fire away!
Great work @maitlandlewis and team! PH community, these guys are awesome. We work closely with them on all of our events and I've never been disappointed.
Congrats @maitlandlewis and team on the launch! Just want to say we were more than pleased to work with you for our launch photography. The quality of the final product and the price were outstanding.
We used Pretty Instant Express to get team photos and headshots done for our web site. Super easy sign up form. Got paired with a photographer almost immediately and had her out in two days (that was only because of what time worked with our schedule). Plus, the price was right. I'd recommend for anyone looking to get some quick photo work done. Great job @maitlandlewis!