Pretty Instant

Interactive event photography.

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I went to a party that had Pretty Instant. The photographers were friendly, there was a projection of picture taken at the party, and they were online almost instantly after. Definitely recommend them for any sort of launch party!
I've been at an event with Pretty Instant. It was an excellent experience!!!
Similary to Gregory, I saw Pretty Instant in action at a party. Super cool and painless. I was genuinely excited to get a picture with my date because of the set up and the instant delivery of the picture. The general setup and experience was great.
Thanks for all of the support everyone! We really appreciate it! I'm Ben! - one of the Cofounders of Pretty Instant. Pretty Instant is the easiest and most hassle-free way to hire professional event photographers for your events. We also help clients like General Mills, Entertainment Weekly, Uber, and Red Bull, enhance their photo-marketing capabilities with our custom event photography technology. I'd love to answer any questions about our services & technology if you have any! Please contact me directly at #NoSelfies
I used Pretty Instant for a party I hosted with about 100 people. Everyone LOVED having their photos taken and being able to get the photos sent immediately via email. We're planning to have Pretty Instant at the Female Founders Conference this weekend.