Pretty Good News

The world is not a dumpster fire. This Extension proves it.

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I don't really think we need to explain why we made this. (But if you have questions- of course we're happy to chat!) The news is messed up these days. Notice that I didn't say the world is, I said the news is. It is incredibly hard to stay informed and not succumb to mainstream media fear mongering and social media bias confirmations. This is our very simple fuck off to that whole rabbit hole. We live in amazing times. People are fundamentally good. The world is filled with joy. This Chrome Extension tries to capture all of that. I've been using it for weeks and can honestly say it's improved the quality of my day in a small but meaningful way. Would love for you to check it out and let us know what you think.
@mackflavelle <3 your side projects, Mack. I'm going to keep Momentum Dash as my new tab takeover, but I hope you find other incarnations for it in the near future. A sprinkling of Pretty Good News throughout my day sounds really great.
@staringispolite Yup, the new tab real estate is so valuable now. Hard to displace whatever people are using/loving. But we're thinking of building a dead simple iOS app, just to get you notifications with the same content, or even building a dedicated site that's not just one nugget but a bunch. As you say, it's really great content, but the delivery medium may be flawed. We're working on it!
@mackflavelle I was thinking more that this content would be great via different mediums for different people, based on their habits and existing products. I could see Pretty Good News being great as... a Mac menubar app, an iOS app with periodic notifications of Good News, as a Chrome button you click whenever you want a hit of Good News, as a Twitter bot posting hourly (you could use my heroku framework to prop that up fast), as a Pomodoro timer where the break times in between work come with Pretty Good News....
@staringispolite basically heeeeelll yes. To all of these. Going to look at the twitter account first. cc @roham @petersiemens
@staringispolite using and your framework can you make this happen super fast and easy with no stress to yourself? Or is it more complicated than that? will pay you in Kentucky Mules...
Keep fighting the good fight. I'm just going to leave this here: N.C. riots!
@evankimbrell check out one we made earlier this year,
I submit this story to the midnight society - I mean to Pretty Good News, @mackflavelle @petersiemens
Finally something to counteract the overwhelming amount of bad news in my Facebook feed, and just about every other news outlet always πŸ˜­πŸ’•