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sounds like a solid idea. this might be hard to monetize, to make a business out of just charging job applicants though. but maybe could pivot to charge company features in the future. the only concern that I'd have, is as a hiring manager, I don't think I'd want to click some random link to see someone's CV. I'd prefer it as a pdf or something.
@_jacksmith When you get sent a Presumi resume, it appears as a webpage but you can use the sidebar to: - Download their resume as a PDF - Get a real overview of the candidate - Tell them immediately whether you're interested - Start the conversation with them. Also, if you're interested in seeing how this develops, consider registering your interest at :)
@_jacksmith good point on the random link part - you can easily dress up the link to seem a bit more trustworthy.
@dannyfiorentini @_jacksmith Missed this part, sorry! What would a better link be? Maybe something like
@haydenbleasel @_jacksmith yea exactly - something like: - just to remove the "random character anxiety" from clicking that link if you're unfamiliar with this.
@dannyfiorentini @_jacksmith Great idea guys - this'll be coming in soon ;)
Hey @haydenbleasel. This is pretty cool; I like the overall approach. We have a very similar approach with Muzeek (albeit entirely different industries; live music bookings) so this jumped out at me. I really like how you're empowering the automation of things and making what's normally a terribly manual process and enhancing the experience throughout. (We even have similar initial emails and interactive confirmation pages for our respective industries!) Several thoughts since I'm in the zone now that it's super comparable to our tech: 1.) Assuming this is dedicated for people sending resumes "outwards" - have you thought about how to get businesses to use this for easily managing the "incoming" data? For instance a simple "Apply" button on their site that can automate the incoming request through the same mechanisms (recognizes that I use Presumi already), and then a dashboard that helps manage/automate the data and make their decision making easier? Is there a strategy for this? (Should there be?) 2.) Getting people to pay for this platform will be tough for the simple fact that they are indeed assumed to be unemployed - so driving the functionality and usefulness towards the businesses accepting these resumes makes a lot of sense, while the majority of Freemium users are the ones trying to find employment. (Network-effect the double sided coin.) 3.) "Create a new application" - although I know what you're doing here - feels just a TAD tedious when I read it at first. I feel like this can be shorten up word-wise so I don't feel like I'm about to enter some big task. I think it's the word "application" it self. Might be tough, but maybe something like a super simple "+Apply" 4.) Another cool (cheeky) feature would be an templates cover letter that I can also attach, and the Application process finds/replaces the relevant information. :) (We do this with our contracts/worksheets/riders in the music industry and is very handy.) 5.) Curious - are you automating your internal data with ClearBit? 6.) When you cap my "2 applications" on the Free tier - when do the applications expire? Or can I literally only send 2 ever, until I upgrade? (Didn't see this on FAQ.) 7.) Misc. Bugs: -uploaded my profile pic and it rendered my rectangle as a squished square. ;\ -if I click "Yes" or "No" on the interactive resume, I can't close the modal -an indicator on the application progress bar would be nice (I may not know what it means.) -i'm pretty sure when I originally clicked on the "Create a new Application" button from inside one of the Dashboard boxes, it only redirected me to the Resume upload page. THE END. haha.
@dannyfiorentini Hey mate, thanks! Muzeek looks pretty awesome, love the design. 1) Yes, we've definitely thought about an "Apply with Presumi" button. It's difficult to build something like this and expect everyone to accept it straight away, so we're starting off with job seekers and now aiming to pull some recruiters on. After we've got a decent communication set up with both sides, we'd love to look into this sort of functionality to tighten things up between them. 2) Absolutely, there's a joke to be made about trying to monetise the unemployed market, however we've priced our plans based on the likelihood of a user's duration. Most people only last 3 months or so out of a job, so $10 - $20 a month (less with a discount) is pretty small to pay for effectively managing your future career. But as soon as we can connect with the other side of the market, we'll likely need a new form of payment (maybe not one for the seeker after all, who knows). 3) Yep agreed, we'll jot this in our backlog. 4) Haha that is pretty cheeky, but hey - it's automation at it's finest. We'll look into this! 5) We are. Clearbit are amazing. 6) 2 ever I'm afraid. If we're handing out more than 2 free applications to everyone, it's not long before you'll get your job (we hope!) but we're trying to start a community and help you apply effectively. Plus, we had a paradox of value on our free version where people assumed that if it's free, it has no value. We're creating high-tech trackable resumes so we need to charge what they're worth. 7) Hahah thanks for the bug reports. We'll file these immediately and I'll get on it this week :) Cheers!
@haydenbleasel nice one, thanks for the Muzeek compliments! Just noticed you're based in Sydney as well. Cheers! I'll be on a panel on April 27th at Fishburners: Also doing one at VIVID about "robots taking over the world" on June 8th. Will send you more info on that when I know more about the details. Come say whattup; keen to learn more about the Presumi journey. Super interesting product and looks like it's being well-executed!
@dannyfiorentini Done, ordered a ticket! Looks awesome, I'll see you there mate :D
Hey all, maker here! We have a brand new version of Presumi (literally - we remade everything!) and it comes with some hot new features: - Analytics arrive in Presumi instantly - Interact with employers using the Presumi Sidebar - Get email reminders for deadlines and interviews - Manage multiple resumes - Measure your employability over longer periods of time - See how long your resume in viewed for If you want dope illustrations like ours, talk to @maryannemade! Also, if you want to upgrade, use the referral code "producthunt" to get 25% off forever on any plan! Lastly, if you're a recruiter and like what we're doing, you should check out:
@maryannemade Why thank you, your illustrations are quite nice also :)
Yay! I loved Presumi 1.0, and I'm excited for the new features and tools of 2.0 I also added this to my "Hack Your Job Search" collection 😌
@gabriel__lewis Awesome! Glad you're loving Presumi - feel free to talk to us anytime about ideas or feedback you have! Thanks for adding us to the collection 😄
@haydenbleasel whats new in version 2.0 ?
@kwdinc Heyyy, thanks for hunting this Kevin! Presumi 2 is a complete rebuild of the first version. We listened to all our user's feedback and worked hard on bringing you a quicker, easier and more powerful experience. It's now the easiest way of applying for jobs. We've also got some awesome upgrade Plans - Seeker and Pro - that give you a massive power-up and help you get your dream job. Besides the total design and code overhaul: - Analytics arrive in Presumi instantly - Interact with employers using the Presumi Sidebar - Get email reminders for deadlines and interviews - Manage multiple resumes - Measure your employability over longer periods of time - See how long your resume in viewed for If anyone's got any questions or feedback, I'd love to hear it!