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Anuj Adhiya — Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
I liked the breakdown by vertical.
It's also a great complimentary resource to this super list by @conradegusa:
Ben (Kenobi) Parr — Captivology / DominateFund
THIS is useful. BADLY needs search functionality, though. The organization of the site needs to be thought through better. Less clicks to get to what people want.

Also, it's incredibly outdated. Sharon Feder Hirsch, for example, hasn't been at Mashable for a long time (she CDO for Rachel Ray now).

Part of the issue with these is lack of updated databases. Things change fast in media.

tl;dr: Good start, needs a lot of work.
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
@benparr I was thinking the same thing. It would be useful if they crowdsourced this or allowed reporters to update their profile (they could authenticate them with Twitter oauth) because it's in their best interest to be correctly categorized. Of course most won't care until they have a significant number of users.
David Haddad — Publiseek
@rrhoover hey guys, david here. Built this a few years ago and glad to see it getting up votes on PH. As you said, it's been a while since the db has been updated and no current plans to change that. But will be releasing 3 PR/media products by end if September and will be looking forward to your feedback then!
David Haddad — Publiseek
@benparr yup agreed. It was built on google app engine which at the time had surprisingly weak support for search given that it was a google product. Hence we focused on discovery through browsing.
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