Easily create a professional press kit for your startup

PressKitHero is a tool to create a professional press kit

for your company.

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Would be interested in seeing a lot more templates to pick from - maybe users can submit some?
@bentossell yes! great feedback! templates, and custom css are definitely on the distant road map. There are things I want to ship first: timeline for company events, a changelog for product updates, investor page (similar to the teams page now), a FAQs section, a pdf view. Thanks for checking it out!
@wnmio sweet Think about how people do product log/change logs and maybe there could be something cool there in PR form :)
@wnmio I'm with @bentossell on this one regarding custom css templates. As a founder, that press kit needs to have my entire branding on there. Would love to know your thinking around company events prioritizing higher than that.
@imcatnoone @bentossell Hey Cat, thanks for the feedback. I know that branding is an important factor, especially when it comes to PR. My thinking was, since you can upload a logo, customize the main color scheme and the rest of the press kit is very simple, you are still able to make the press kit look part of your brand. And I think if you look at a few examples, it holds true: http://sealedmessenger.presskith... http://campuscrate.presskithero.... They all look very professional, simple, yet the branding is still clear and visible. One other point I would like to make as well: I think this way is also preferable from the eyes of a reporter. A simple, maybe even familiar design, only slightly branded that just gets the information across. I think a press kit should not be viewed, and therefor not be designed as a marketing page. Journalists are the target viewer. Maybe @thejournalizer can chime in here with his opinion from the point of a journalist? On the other hand, I hear your concern. Its just a hard(er) problem to solve, hence it was planned for later until all the core features are solved.
This is pretty cool — I would definitely consider using a tool like this. Though perhaps add a few live examples in addition to the static screenshots?
@alexdbauer thanks for the feedback! Thats a good idea, I will add a link to a demo press kit...(probably the one of pied piper :))
This is a very good idea for helping entrepreneurs to start PR processes in a more structured way. Maybe it would be useful to add multiple languages support.
@germancastano good idea! Added it to my todo.
As a journalist who typically profiles startups, yes, please have some sort of press kit :)
@thejournalizer Hey Elliot, that's a great quote, can I use that on my landing page? :) Also, would you be interested in writing an article for about PressKitHero? If so, you can checkout out our own press kit and contact me at
@wnmio @presskithero Go for it! Can you shoot me an email so I don't forget. I'm actually filling my pipeline with startups to profile. elliot @ tech .co
Hey Hunters, thanks for stepping by :) Eager to hear what you think, or if you have any questions / feature requests.