Press Conferences by Publicize

Press conferences for your startup, on demand

Press Conferences by Publicize is a seamless solution where each month we set up a press conference where your team is interviewed on a 30 minute press conference, where we'll have at least 6 journalists call-in.

At least 3 articles will then be published for each press conference, for $299/month.

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Hi Product Hunters, With Press Conferences we aim to introduce an affordable solution for startups looking to host on-demand press conferences. Today (April 23rd) we'll be giving away a free month to 2 hunters who email with the subject line "PRESS CONFERENCES". Thank you to everyone for your feedback and support! Also a many thanks to Neeraj for hunting this. Best wishes, Conrad
I'm curious about the journalists included, how do you guarantee they will cover the story and what publications do they write for? @conradegusa
Hi @abadesi, thanks for your question. With Press Conferences, Publicize does an outreach to journalists, it creates and promotes a promotional flyer for the event, and in addition invites journalists from its partner ESPACIO's newsroom (the media incubator is aiming to hire about 50 additional journalists this year). A list of some of the publications is here:
Great job!! 😊 This is superb concept!! Hope the pricing of this flexible
Looks like an interesting concept for getting consistent press mentions.
Will it work only in specific locations?