Presidential Senders

Live dashboard of presidential candidates' email marketing.

Real-time email marketing insights and comparisons for every candidate in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.
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Good morning, Hunters! There has been a lot of talk about marketing so far in this election. I feel like every time I open the computer I see something about Twitter's recent ban on political ads or Facebook getting hammered with questions about their policies. But what about email? The ROI on email is typically much, much higher than social, yet the lack of visibility into this channel makes it trickier to compare and discuss. So, I built Presidential Senders. It provides to give a clear, real-time view of the strategies and tactics being used by the candidates in the United States presidential election about everything from how often they send emails and their ESP to their spam scores and the most popular days/times they hit "send". It's already sparked some great discussion and I'm eager to hear your feedback. Thanks!
@greggblanchard Tremendously valuable and intriguing. Also, a great introduction and use case for Sendview.
@justinfinkel Thanks, Justin! Been super interesting to watch the dynamics of how candidates are using email. Crazy some of the volume they send. Julian Castro, at one point, was averaging 4 emails a day!
Really cool idea. I need to dive deep into this.
@nyjetlife Many thanks! Would love to hear any feedback once you do dig in a little deeper.
This is great! I’m not sure Republicans don’t understand emojis or if Democrats are drunk on them. PS - PeakFeed looks amazing!
@tomfrazier Ha, totally. A nation emoji use :) Thanks, Tom! Glad you dig it.
As a journalist, this a really interesting tool to keep track of the digital pulse of the campaign without being bogged down by emails. It's really intriguing and I'm fascinated by the data. Great work!