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Matteo Cassese
Founder, Presentation Hero Academy
Hi, my name is Matteo. A few months ago I started looking for an affordable, comprehensive, interactive, no bullshit presentation course to send to potential speakers of a meetup that I organize. Couldn't find one. So I created one. Presentation Hero Academy provides the best possible online training course for presentations and public speaking. We collect the best storytelling advice (I used to be a story analyst for a big Hollywood studio), the best presentation structure advice (I've been doing presentations for 10+ years), the best design advice (I've been studying the best presentations, keynotes and talks), the best possible delivery and public speaking advice (written mostly with introverts in mind). To the Product Hunt community I am happy to offer 50% off my Presentation Structure course for the first 100 that enroll. Enough with me and my product, I have a question for you: when it comes to presentations, what do you struggle with the most?