Present Sense

Use mindfulness to find peace and reduce stress & anxiety

Present Sense is an app that helps you experience the joy every moment has to offer! Present Sense guides you through training exercises and gives thoughtful ideas about where and how to bring mindfulness into your daily life. We tie together the power of text - written journaling to build a habit of mindfulness.

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Hi all! I created Present Sense to help me record my mindfulness sessions. I find it very helpful to write about what I experienced while being aware of my surroundings - it really brings home the experience! I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Present Sense is a side project that I am always working to improve. Since posting, I've release a bunch of updates - notifications of different types, daily affirmations for inspiration and motivation, and more mindful experiences. I have a lot of other ideas but would love to hear from you on what is important to you! Help me shape Present Sense into something that makes you more mindful!