Present! A Techie's Guide to Public Speaking

All the steps you need to go from a topic idea to a talk.

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Saw Poornima speak at the Lean Startup Conf and was really impressed. This is sure to be a great book!
@afhill Thanks a lot for coming out to hear me speak at LSC Andrea and for upvoting @kecatlin's and my new book!
@poornima I am a big fan of classic books by Dale Carnegie! Throughout your research, what was the biggest takeaway that you had? :-)
@dredurr Dale Carnegie is great! One of the overarching sentiments we've heard from our students and readers was not feeling like an expert despite their years of experience. So we wanted to show them how to unlock their expertise through the experiences they had, no matter how long they had been in a field.
Just purchased. This definitely looks like something that can up my presentation game and help with confidence to sign up for more! Thanks for making this!
@jwood great to hear! what do you usually speak on and when will you be presenting next?
@poornima I usually speak on programming related topics mostly centered around .NET technologies. I was going to sign up to speak at a big conference later next year but I didn't have much confidence in the subject and even less in the material and just decided against it...
@jwood We're rooting for you, Jon!
@kecatlin @jwood The exercises in the book will help you gain the confidence to speak for sure next year :) As you go through each exercise feel free to reach out to us on twitter or via email. We've had a number of readers ask us for input on a topic and even share their summaries.
@poornima what are the biggest mistakes you see tech presenters making?
@mijustin great question! doesnt matter if they are a marketer or engineer... dive into abstract ideas without telling a story and providing motivation for a topic. manu dont realize the importance of being entertaining and engaging. also they dive into demos and rely on slides too heavily, often reading them. they should instead provide relatable stories and share their experiences.