Inspiration and mindfulness every time you open a new tab

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I like the idea of changing the boring default screens to inspirational quotes. Someone told me to create a password that is inspirational. The repetitive nature of typing in a password helps sink the idea into your subconscious mind.
@paul_s_kemp thank you. this is our MVP. we intend to iterate on this and make it more awesome.appreciate your kind words
@paul_s_kemp Yes! My "master password" is a favorite quote of mine. It's a full sentence, so it takes a minute for me to type it all out, but is a great reminder each time I do. Each time I'm trying it out, I have to go slow so as not to make a mistake and I often have a moment of gratitude for setting it up that way.
I just added this to Chrome. i LOVE starting my days and just anything with a healthy dose of inspiration. Present doesn't just give you a quote, but also reminds you to drink water and gives you a mindfulness exercise, so it's 3 for the price of 1. And the price is just right. FREE FOR ALL. :D
I Like the idea, nice to see some projects like that, that actually bring some value to human :) Thank you
@cherifmahiedine thank you for your kind words. Hope you like it
@mahieddinech would love for you to check out our latest , a wellness bot for slack!
Thanks @violetanedkova for posting this and giving a great description to boot! The idea behind this new tab extension for Chrome is to promote "mindful browsing". We have all been there. We start with a product hunt and then browse to theproduct to the founders' linkedin and soon we are reading about the death of unicorns and the bubble. And lo and behold we just spent 3 hours without blinking our eyes and drinking a drop of water. This causes short term stress to your eyes and muscles and in the long term might result in depression, lack of focus etc. This extension brings you back to the present with a beautiful image and a quote. In addition to a beautiful image, we also show a time and context based mindfulness exercise. For example, if its 10 am, it will prompt you to practice some mindful breathing. If its 3:25 pm, it might prompt you to go for a quick walk or at least stand up. If you have never meditated, this extension is a great way to ease your way into mindfulness and meditation. Would love more ideas on features that you would like to see.
Been telling my friends about this product because it is so cool! Thanks for the present :-)