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Hi Marc, thank you very much. I'm Peter Draw, CEO of Present. I'll love to share that Present was inspired by a Promise I gave to a little girl I met, who lost her loved one in an Earthquake in Costa Rica many years ago. She felt home became an empty place and birthdays became empty dates. I promised her one day that she will see a world where our loved one memories don't have to go away even if our loved ones go away. This Promise has become today's Present. And with every Present video, it is a Promise that someone will be here for you.
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There are quite a few video apps out there, but what I like about Present is that it allows you to stay in the moment. It immediately starts recording when you open the app, and it's designed to close it when you're done and upload and tag it at a later point. Additionally they have some straightforward editing tools built-in including music themes. They'll probably need to increase their selection or the music will get old soon, but it's a nice touch to add some music to a video. One way to look at it is that what Twitter did for blogging, Present does for video editing.
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Thanks @marckohlbrugge for pointing out the immediate benefits that one can get using Present as their main video app. I do agree with you with regards to the limited set of music themes and we'll work on increasing the collection as well as find ways to include user's own music in future. I'd definitely like to add that Present also "manage" the storage space issue for recording videos by removing recorded videos from the app once we guarantee it is uploaded to our cloud servers. We're always looking out to improve the usability of the app. So feel free to drop us your feedback if you encounter any issues. Cheers!
I've been playing with Present for a couple of days. I do like how it dives right in to recording, but it's often catching me unaware and I have to Discard the first video (I should just learn to trim after recording). I like the ability to add Music - a few more tunes would be nice as mentioned by Marc. The interface is nice, though native iPhone 6 screen size support would be nice. "My Diary" seems to take some time to update, and has completely lost a post I made last night. How do you feel Periscope and Meerkat complete or compliment the service?
Hi @jamiewildehk. Thanks for trying out Present. We're attempting to resolve issues with requiring you to trim the videos after every recording by removing the initial recording during app launch. That way you only need to tap the record button to start running. Also, check out the Today extension too that will can use to immediately launch the camera interface. I do agree with you with regards to the limited set of music and we'll work on increasing the collection as well as find ways to include user's own music in future. Sorry about the lack of native iPhone 6 size support but it will come soon together with iPad support in coming weeks. Also, I don't think Periscope or Meerkat would be competing in our space for preserving and reliving memories. I wished that they could somehow preserve those live streams though as we're not always available to view streams at the exact time/date. Once again, thank you for your feedback. Feel free to spread to your friends about us too =) Cheers!