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Carlo Brunelleschi
Carlo BrunelleschiMaker@qrcharlie · CEO, Presencee
Hello everyone, I'm excited to share my project with you! I would love to hear your ideas and receive your feedback. Presencee is a free social network that enables people to announce their presence at events, on planes and on trains. It can be used to create connections with people for professional or personal reasons. How it works Presencee has four search engines: events, flights, trains, and people. Each one allows to find people who have previously decided to beam their presence using Presencee. Events, flights, and trains can also be easily created if not present in the Presencee archive. Users share their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles so they can be reached by other attendees. No registration and no login, only commands via Twitter Anyone who wants to use Presencee does not need to register or login, every action can be done via Twitter. Presencee in fact reads all the tweets sent to the @presencee Twitter account and responds accordingly. Hope you'll like it!
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@qrcharlie what's your plan to attract users?
Carlo Brunelleschi
Carlo BrunelleschiMaker@qrcharlie · CEO, Presencee
Hello @chrismessina, Since Presencee shares the very same user base with Twitter (all "commands" are issued via Twitter), some promotion actions are focused on Twitter itself. - Piggybacking popular events using their hashtags in order to drive traffic to the website and increase the number of users. The content of the tweets is tailored according to the event audience and the corresponding needs, for example "meet fellow gamers", "meet potential investors", "meet business partners", "make new friends", "plan the trip together", "expand your network". Have a look at the tweets here for the GDC and MWC ; - Influencers can be engaged to tweet telling attendees to add their presence; - The lists of attendees for events (but also flights and trains) can be embedded using an iframe code. Events organizers can enhance their websites with the list of participants increasing popularity of Presencee; - Partnerships with events organizers, airlines, railroad companies. I would be more than pleased to receive any suggestion on this topic! :)