360 photo and video sharing done right.

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Akram Abdou
President @presence
Hi Product Hunters! Its a pleasure to launch our first product on this amazing website! For the past year, we’ve been working really hard to make 360 content more accessible than it is today, and we are so excited to launch on all three major platforms! Presence is the world’s first self-driven 360 photo/video sharing community that allows 360 photographers and advocates to edit, share, and view 360 content on a simple app. 360 photos and videos have been around Facebook for over a year now. But as 2 dimensional media becomes more and more of the overwhelming popularity, it makes it harder for 360 media creators and 360 advocates (that enjoy viewing 360) to share and enjoy this amazing content. For our 360 photographer/videographers out there: If you own a If you have a 360 camera like the Insta360, Ricoh Theta S, Samsung Gear 360, LG 360 Cam, Nikon KeyMission 360, or Kodak PixPro SP360, or any other 360 camera, you can edit and upload your photos and videos in the fastest way there is! What if you don’t have a 360 camera? Our focus isn’t only 360 photographers, but also people that love 360 just like we do but don’t necessarily own a camera. So we gave our users a pinning feature that allows them to PIN media that they like onto their profile. Making everyone on the app a curator of his or her own! Your followers also get to see what you pinned on their home screen too. If you think about it, social networks nowadays are mostly people sharing other peoples media, so it fits right in 😊 Finally, were a new community that has infinite room for improvement, we hope you bear with us as we revolutionize the way 360 content is viewed and shared. Thanks for checking us out and let us know what you think! 👌🏽👌🏽
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Rent North EastDirector, Rent North East
Very similar logo to plentific...