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This looks great, and love the name! I really like the idea of a community of designers and industry works coming together for creative problem solving. Currently it looks like it is just a hashtag community on other networks? Do you have any plans to build your own small network allowing people to connect with others and a space to continue their conversation / projects? Looks great, well done.
Thanks for sharing, @chrismessina. I am curious to see what this community will produce. It seems that it started as a LinkedIn group, but I'm sure they have more to unveil in the near future.
I'm a co-founder of Prescribe Design. Thanks for the kind words. Aaron Sklar and I created Prescribe Design out of a need to connect with other like-minded designers working in healthcare. We noticed that there are "design natives" (people expert in design) and "healthcare natives" (people expert in health & healthcare). But surprisingly, these communities weren't getting together to have one conversation. We started, as you said, with a couple hashtag/social network communities but have since launched a website where we asked six rock star healthcare and design natives to write about their expertise. What type of engagement would you like to see? We're all ears.
@lennynaar One of the trends I've seen is that there is a general lack of design language when it comes to healthcare. For example, a prototype in the design community is quick and dirty, whereas a healthcare prototype could be a 4-year project. I'd also be curious to know whether Prescribe Design is trying to become a thought leader/exchange of ideas or some form of consultancy/firm that combines health leaders and designers to push innovation to health organizations.
@lennynaar Thanks for starting this Lenny and Aaron. I'm a designer working in the healthcare field and have always appreciated groups that mix the two topics together. I've been a part of two local Meetup groups and several healthcare design hackatons. From my experience, talking about subjects in the abstract is OK, but delving into specific examples or case studies is even better. Given that we are designers, we should be able to do tear-downs, onboarding examples, summarize learnings from user research sessions, etc. From the healthcare expert perspective, I would love to see glimpses of their work environment, daily challenges, or patient interactions (if permissions are granted). Excited to see where you guys take this.
Thanks to Product Hunt for expanding the conversation! Our goal is to bring all of these conversations together about design+health and make them LOUD.