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Tired of surfing looking through hundreds of websites for the perfect university? So are we. Because of this hassle we decided to create an app that will ease your searching process that will match you with the university that suits your goals and desires.
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The app found it's premise during my undergrad days, where like many, there was a huge dilemma of which university to join next. So with the thought of trying to solve the problem of going through tons of site, decided to create a single hub to get all the information
Been working on same kind of project , have published similiar apps on both ios and android, keep it up , hope you will make great solution out of it
@stewiesh The plan is not to limit it here, instead have some ideas on pipeline. Hope everything goes well
@aryaminus personal feedback ( just quickly what i can say ) , ui is pretty nice , but it's lacking clarity , spacing and etc at least on android, same goes for university profiles , i would make everything more clear , more spacing . I liked logo and all the branding stuff , fact that app can fetch data for any country. I would like this kind of feature in app: if there was a quiz like wizard in app , step by step, i could enter some personal opinions about some stuff like where i would live, how much is much budget, what are my goals and any related questions ( anything nearby university and career stuff) and after that app could give me more detailed list and probably some tips etc, application kinda has lack of flow* in my opinion . Sorry for my horrible English , i hope you get what i wanted to say.
@stewiesh Really appreciate the feedback, the app definitely needs some onboarding and walkthrough, currently working on those, and with enough data the app will start sending out recommendations, limiting the manual feeling the app currently has
Great job!! 😊 Quite helpful in solving student problem.
@ayushchandra Thanks Ayush, really appreciate the feedback
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