Prenatal Workout

Staying fit during pregnancy has never been this easy 🀰πŸ’ͺ

Expecting moms get a new workout every day, and those workouts change as the pregnancy progresses.
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I originally designed this app for my wife when she was pregnant with our first child. I kept it in TestFlight for a long time with no plans to launch it, as I already had a suite of exercise apps in the app store. But she loved the workouts and so did her friends, so I eventually made it live. The first version just had a few workouts; this new one gives people one new workout every day. The workouts are created by a physical therapist who specializes in prenatal patients, and every workout is approved by an OBGYN before getting published. We constantly improve these. I'm proud of the product and think it's the easiest to use, but most effective prenatal exercise app available.
love the concept
Any post-natal exercises?? Seeing this just a little late!
I was looking for an app like that during the pregnancy