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Have been playing with the beta for the last few days. Works great. Great idea and very well executed!
How are you choosing which videos to feature, @jonasbrandau? Love the offline play (perfect for my local BART travelers) but ultimately the content is what matters most.
@rrhoover This is how we do it: We've subscribed to all major Youtube channels that upload quality content. Every day our small team of 4 filmmakers watches all new videos of that day and then picks the 5 best for every category. After doing this for some weeks, we've quickly realized that there actually aren't much more than 5 really quality videos per day uploaded per category. In that way, we really do preload only the best new videos from the web to your phone :)
Just loaded it up, and started watching the tech magazine. Love this concept, and the execution is spot on. Simple onboarding, fun experience. Nice job!
How will you get around youtube's terms of service and/or copyright issues? I read this in your footer: Preload is a Youtube API Client. This beta test is limited to 500 users and runs over a period of 4 weeks only. Preload does not own any copyrights on featured videos seen on this site or in the app. If you want your content removed or if you want your content to be featured please contact us.
Hi Hunters! With Preload we want to eliminate everything that sucks when watching videos on the go: buffering, bad discovery, cluttered UI. So here’s our approach: Preload is curated by people who share your interests (no searching for great content) and automatically syncs the best videos to your device when you’re in Wifi (no buffering), also we tried to rethink the UI in a way that is more truthful to the video format than I think most others are. Do you agree with our approach?
@jonasbrandau Love this! Great UI, though made a couple of suggestions to Markus. The fact that you don't have to wait around on content to buffer makes the app feel snappy.