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Hi, Henrik here from prehype. We are a venture development firm that co create companies with big cos like Lego, DowJones and Danone as well as launch our own homegrown companies like BarkBox, ManagedByQ and AmberJack. We are launching a podcast (seems like everyone is doing that these days :) The link to iTunes is above and here is the link to soundcloud: . We have 2-3 more episodes queued up but would love to hear what you guys want to hear more about or what works with the two we have already done. Happy listening...
@werdelin congrats @werdelin! excited to dig into these. 1) what inspired the podcast? 2) how do you choose your podcast guests and what types of episodes/guests do you have in store for us? 3) any tips for those just starting a podcast?
@eriktorenberg 1. We hope to give intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs tools and stories that have worked for others. Maybe also make the conversation about starting new stuff a bit more nuanced and anchored in case studies than a lot of the noise that are out there about the subject. The trigger was that I had run out of NPR TED Radio Hour and Tim Ferris shows to listen to. Thought it was a good time to start our own.... 2. In short we talk to people we think have great thoughts that have not been talked about too much. A few things that is coming up; How companies can built their instragram profiles, how to use venture investment as a tool for innovation, how to get the most out of slack in your company, biggest mistakes that big companies do when launching an innovation team, should entrepreneurs have more of a social responsibility for the people using their platforms, and so on... 3. Get onto the SoundCloud podcast beta.. Its super easy to use. Get a proper microphone (the first I used made it sound like we recorded the session in the bathroom.... we didnt... .)
Knowing the PreHype guys as I do, I am sure this will be invaluable for entrepreneurs - regardless of their experience.... Very much looking forward to hearing some old buddies shoot the shit 'n' share some stories.