Remote user testing and rapid prototyping

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Preely is a high-speed way to continuously identify usability issues and validate your design ideas with inputs from real users.

With Preely you can:

1. Build interactive prototypes.

2. Create remote user tests.

3. Recruit testers and share tests via URL.

4. Dig deep in the analytics recorded during the test sessions.

  • Pros: 

    Ease of use and really fast prototyping and testing


    Takes a minute to learn

    A good alternative to other testing software as it gives you endless opportunities to create different types of tests. A bit like photoshop for user testing.

    Bjarke Bierring Kristoffersen has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Do quick business experiments with useful insights to work on


    No video and audio input

    Just a great tool to do weekly testing of features, concepts, landing pages etc. I highly recommend it in your toolbox as a e.g. a UXer, concept developer, digital design etc.

    Thomas Stub Rosser has used this product for one year.
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Divyansh Patel
Divyansh PatelHunter@divjpatel · UX Designer | Founder @uiuxcommunity
Preely is definitely super quick to integrate and jump start with prototyping and testing with real clients. Most importantly its free.
Sebbe Selvig
Sebbe SelvigMaker@sebbe · Fullstack Engineer and Co-founder
@divjpatel Thank you for hunting us!
Divyansh Patel
Divyansh PatelHunter@divjpatel · UX Designer | Founder @uiuxcommunity
@sebbe Awesome features and congratulations on the launch
Bastian Lind
Bastian Lind@deleted-1399367
Great product and reasonable pricing. The tool might seem simple, but there is almost no end to what you can test. For the analytical part, you can dig extremely deep into not just what the users say, but also how they interact with the prototype. I highly recommend Preely if you need a reliable tool to conduct fast and frequent tests of your UX designs.