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#1 Product of the DayNovember 15, 2014
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Julie DelanoyHunterPro@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
Imagine, we're working together and we're miles apart. You want to show me something you imagined and because I'm your designer, you really want me to understand what is in your (twisted) mind. Well, with Precursor it's possible. (I'd also be able to mess with your lovely wireframe by adding stupid doodles but hey, you chose me to work with you so it's kind of your fault)
Danny King
Danny KingMaker@dannykingme · Designer
Hi Hunters! I'm Danny, the designer over at Precursor. My friend Daniel and I have been working on Precursor as a fun weekend project for the past few weeks. We wanted to create an easy, fast way to collaborate on ideas with others. We're still adding new features and improving existing ones, so we love all of the great feedback we've been getting! Feel free to email with more suggestions. Also thank you @syswarren for the hunt! We appreciate it. We made a quick wireframe for Product Hunt to say thanks: We also threw up a Twitter account to keep track of the changes we make. We'll be adding things all weekend so feel free to make a request.
Di Chai
Di Chai@everdbcom · EVERDB
I've never used this kind of service before, love it! But unless you have very steady hands or use some sort of touch pen input, you will probably end up something like this :)
Danny King
Danny KingMaker@dannykingme · Designer
@sofialarss What do you mean? That pig looks fantastic! :)
Jason Nunnelley
Jason Nunnelley@jnun · jnun
How do you right click on a Mac? I used my Apple key, lower right corner, no luck yet.
Julie DelanoyHunterPro@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
@jasonhacks try to tap with 2 fingers if you're on a trackpad
Danny King
Danny KingMaker@dannykingme · Designer
@jasonhacks We added the ability to "Ctrl+Click" just now! Or if you prefer right-clicking you can still do that. You may need to enabled "Secondary click" in OSX's System Preferences, under Trackpad, if you haven't already. Thanks for the feedback!
Wilhem Pujar
Wilhem PujarHiring@wilhempujar1 · CEO at Stacktical
Just stumbled upon this. Don't know how I missed such a good design tool up until now! (I know it's an old thread, but old is good, bro.)