Product Hunt for Mobile Apps

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I kind of went with a mobile theme today. Interesting business model too @rrhoover.
@rrhoover This fits with what Alexis Ohanian was talking about on the podcast... that PH scales best when it can power lots of different types of discovery communities.
@ceonyc yup, we've seen several self-described "Product Hunt for X's" already. It takes critical mass and the right people to make these communities thrive. Re: mobile app discovery, I did a lot of research on this 3-4 years ago when I first joined PlayHaven. There are several of them but none have been a breakout success, largely because they improved the App Store experience marginally at best. Consumers don't have a "problem" finding new apps, and that's the trap many businesses chased, imho.
@rrhoover I agree it's not a problem to find new apps but it's still a problem to find apps that your friends use. Indeed, word of mouth is the most efficient way for the maker to get user download your app and users will more likely download and use an app if they get a friend's or (product hunter's :) recommendation! So I'm pretty sure there is something to build around this :)
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