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Hey guys, we're excited to launch the simplest, most powerful way to accept pre-orders on your site with one-step checkout. You can read more about why we built this on our blog in the related links above, and I'm happy to stick around here and answer any questions about it!
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@jjbeshara great work!!! Do you support other languages aside from english? (or is there a way we can change the labels ?) I'd love to try it in the italian market
@andrea_sdl @jjbeshara yes, we support international languages and customers in our int'l beta -- want to contact us at :)
Nice, @jjbeshara. I've been following Tilt (formerly Crowdtilt) for a while and I like the whitelabeled direction you've taken. Do you foresee offering a subscription model, maybe something similar to Patreon in the future?
@rrhoover @jjbeshara love what Patreon is doing for content creators with subscriptions! our view is that, though we're a few years in, crowdfunding is still in its very infancy -- potentially growing into the next layer of the web (of collaborating with each other in how we spend our money). It will be a fun space to watch over the next few years (between, and the growth of bite-size crowdfunding, and Tilt/Open w/ enterprises getting into the game -- we've seen an explosion of interest recently). Wrt to subscriptions, we do have them in beta, along with bitcoin support, if people would like to reach out to try those features out. And since Tilt/Open is open-source and built to be really powerful/flexible, so feel free to fork and go crazy with your own twists on crowdfunding. :)
Tilt is an amazing partner. Huge part of the successful launch of
Agree with @dougsimp - we used Tilt Open to power our successful pre-order launch of WhistleGPS earlier this year. Incredible easy to integrate, great support from the team, and a seamless experience for our customers.
I found it interesting that you highlight BackerKit integration as a feature, as I've been working with a team on a pledge management system for a while. Seems like BackerKit are really trying to branch out into other areas right now