Prayas Analytics

Brick-and-mortar anayltics with operations-focused data

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interesting idea. taking video feeds/data to analyze brick & mortar retail patterns to help find efficiencies for the stores. could aid staffing and inventory issues
@daveambrose @mdudas thought you might find this interesting given SMB angle
While I understand the software approach, could be powerful (and perhaps even improve accuracy) with the addition of proximity beacons. Granted the technology is still nascent, if it matures, it could be a valuable addition to the Prayas Analytics tool belt.
@santoshsankar Thanks for the note. Beacons are definitely something we are considering down the line!
@yashkothari can you tell me more about the technical approach to this solution?
@EAWharton - yup! We're a complete software based solution and are primarily using ComputerVision (read more on our website). Also, coincidental last name (we're Wharton students)!
@yashkothari indeed :) I meant on a more in depth level. Where do you get your training set or is this unsupervised? Are you tracking body location or trying to get mood detection? Did you build the algo or are you using an API?
@EAWharton Great questions. We're tracking body location (no facial recognition, mood detection) and we're building the algorithm ourselves. We're using our data from our previous clients as our training sets. Would love to connect offline (my email is