Practicing Rails

Learn Rails without getting overwhelmed.

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Justin Weiss
Founder, Guided Code
Hi! I'm the author of Practicing Rails, and I'd love to answer your questions. I posted a little background on my site here: But the short version is, I've been writing articles for Rails devs for about a year. And when I've talked to them, the same things come up -- it's hard to learn how and what to test. There's too much technology to learn up-front, and no good roadmap for what you should learn when. And when you do go through a tutorial or book, the things you learn just don't stick with you the way they should -- and then you're right back at the beginning. I love Rails. I've been writing code with it for a long time. And Practicing Rails is meant to help those who are stuck put the pieces together, and enjoy working in Rails as much as I do.
Greg Gilbert
I make products and run companies.
My friend @justinweiss wrote this book in order to help people who just finished learning the basics about Rails. It intends to answer the "Now what?" question.