Practicing Google

Weekly practical resources on Google products & related tech

Links to tips, tutorials, apps, tools, and other resources that will expand your Google toolbox and help you do more. Practical, actionable, hands-on information.
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Let me guess: you're reading this because of "practical" in the tagline. Right? For makers and creators, this word is magical. It evokes something you can do or try. Something that expands your toolbox, enables new things, improves work. My Practicing Google newsletter will expand your toolbox and help you do more with Google products and related technologies, such as web apps and the cloud. Each Friday you’ll get links to tips, tutorials, apps, tools, and other resources. The practical, actionable, hands-on information makers seek. Surprisingly, only a handful of newsletters cover Google. Most are about Android. Only Practicing Google has a broader scope on the whole Google ecosystem with a practical angle. I’ve been practicing Google for a long time. I was an early adopter of the search engine in 1998 and Android in 2009. I have been a member of the Google Product Experts (formerly Top Contributors) Program since 2014. In 2016 Google invited me to the Google+ Create Program. Android on mobile and Chrome OS on the desktop are my only computing platforms. I’d love to hear what Google products you’d like to learn more about. It’ll help me curate more of the resources you want.