Practice Makes Python

Your second Python book - build fluency through 50 exercises

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For years, I have been teaching Python to some of the world's largest companies. But we all know that even the best class isn't enough to learn a new programming language. The only way to succeed is via practice. My students often ask me how they can build on the knowledge they've gained from my courses, gaining fluency before they start to use Python at work. This book is my solution, offering 50 battle-tested exercises that I've used with my classes over the years. Each exercise comes with a long, descriptive solution. (The higher-end tiers include videos, in which I go through the solution in greater length, via live coding.) I'm very proud of this book, and hope that it'll help to make Python newbies into fluent Python developers. Please let me know if you have any questions about the book; I would be happy to answer them!
Ugh, the tagline should say "50" exercises, not "5"...
This is a great resource for people who need an opportunity to practice solving problems in Python and might not have the opportunity to do so during their day job. it also does a fine job of introducing some of the more advanced aspects of the language through the problems presented. Great stuff!