Practice programming for free is an open-source platform where developers can solve programming challenges that reflect problems from real projects.
We focus on creating tasks from frontend and backend only.
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Hello hunters, I am very excited to launch my side project finally. I am a developer with 10 years of experience, and the last 5 years were very intensive in coding for me. I have won more than $1.000.000 on TopCoder by doing programming competitions, and I have completed a significant number of various projects. I am very passionate about this project because I can share with my knowledge finally with other people! The idea of is straightforward. Create a free platform where people can practice programming by solving tasks that reflect problems from real jobs. My main target are junior developers who are struggling with getting their first job because they lack experience. Experienced developers can also use the platform if they switch the framework or programming language and need practicing. At, you will be able to solve challenges from many areas you can find in real projects. Example: routing, validation, error handling, authentication, business logic implementation. The difference between and other educational platforms is the difficulty of the problems you must solve. At, the challenges are much harder, but it's still required for junior jobs. Additionally, I am planning to create short contests where people will compete. The platform is 100% free, and many parts are open-source. I appreciate any feedback :)
Quite a different concept compared to other such services. Will check it out. Good luck.
Sounds great, good luck
This sounds like a great way to get programming practice in! Best of luck!
i will check it. Thank you