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First a big thanks to @kikischirr for hunting PR In A Box. The key elements are: No PR No Fee, Transparency and Accountability! The concept for PR In A Box came whilst running a previous PR campaign. I was new to PR at this point. I found the press release process a little spammy and ineffective even when recipients were closely targeted. My client had a very specific outlet he wanted to be featured on. I tried the traditional ways of getting in touch with them but to no avail. So instead I reviewed their submission guidelines. I studied what they liked to write about. Analysed their style and tone. Using this research I had an idea of what to write about. I got on the phone with my client and asked him to tell me everything he knew on this topic. I recorded the call and then used this to build the article. Pitched the finished article to the same contact I had previously had not heard back from after sending a press release. Heard back the same day and next week the article was up. PR secured. I used this method to secure a further 3 pieces of highly targeted PR for my client. I have since switched to just using this method. After hearing the horror stories of others who have used PR agencies I wanted to do something different. PR In A Box brings a clear strategy to securing PR with accountability.
Great service! How does the payment work? Do you pay $425 USD per story in my targeted publication?
@mickaelcostache Hi Mickael. Thank you very much! Yes that is correct. Currently the pricing is per story placed. We discuss with clients how many articles they are looking for and then agree a range of acceptable publications.
wow this is fantastic, definitely a product I would / might use. The issue with a lot of PR agencies is getting to know exactly what you are paying for. Ok I'm paying say $1000/month minimum what do i get for that? How many writeups? How much research? How many interviews? Any guaranteed backlinks? Definitely going to look into this a bit more and maybe give it a go.
also is there some sort of guaranteed placement? what happens if they reject it? wiill you resub to another pub until it gets accepted?
@patrickcoombe It is exactly this issue that we are looking to solve for people. Clear targets. Accountability by agreeing results to be achieved and a guarantee to ensure promises are kept. Our focus currently is on producing articles but interviews and other such goals will follow. Would be great to give you hand. Read through the site more and perhaps we will talk PR soon :)
@patrickcoombe We discuss where you would ideally like to be featured. We then look at the story and come up with realistic targets. Client agrees on these and then there is a guarantee in place. So if placement isn't secured a refund if granted. Accountable PR.
Press releases can seem too spammy, and PR can be costly, mysterious, and comes with no guarantees. PR in a Box is looking to create transparency and focus during the PR process.
Founders need to spend money on two things one is a good lawyer for a solid partnership agreement and number two is a PR plan for launch. This makes it extremely affordable!
@vbarnett323 completely agree Virginia. PR is such a crucial element when launching a new product and often overlooked.