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#5 Product of the DayJuly 29, 2014
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We've been using this for Canary ( and it's made PR that much easier! Love it.
@MrJosiahT Impressive number of clippings you collected. Did you use the browser extension or did you add the manually?
@dennisvdvliet I went through all of our referral links and Google News stories and manually added them using the browser extension. Took quite a while! The extension is helpful, but something really automated would be cool too.
I'm with Max. I owned the largest agency in Arizona 20 years ago and sold it to Intel. I then went on to found an accelerator. From those combined experiences, I learned that deep relationships with a few key PEOPLE who often move from publication to publication, are the true value in PR, along with -- of course-- real news. But where I part company from Max is on the subject of the need for a glossy press room. That need exists, although it's not for the press. The pressroom is for other stakeholders, like customers, investors, prospects, and potential employees. Often with a tech company sit especially there will be very specific product information that is TL;DR for some stakeholders. A well-written press release and good boilerplate gives a company overview that's enough for many people. Thanks for engaging.
@hardaway Definitely with you in the sense that every company should find somewhere to tell their story to the people who matter and make it easy to understand who they are. I sort of wish more companies would spruce up their /about/ page with this kind of stuff.
Happy user here. Slick interface, simple pricing. Plenty of alternatives on the market, but the customer support/service was pretty good here.
@jamesepember The main reason we love building it :-)
@jamesepember what other alternatives have you tried and passed on?
So much PR startup activity, keep them coming :-)
Hello everyone, my name is Dennis, part of the team. Happy to hear questions and/or feedback :)