A daily nudge to keep in touch with someone important to you

Hi Everyone! We're honored to make our debut as makers on PH :) We built pplQ (read: 'people queue') to help with a struggle we all have - letting potentially great relationships fade by mistake. It's an SMS-based, "invisible" app that sends one daily reminder to reconnect with one person. All you have to do to set it up is text #hey to our number and start sending us names. No browsing contacts, no picking frequencies, no deciding priorities. Just send something like "Uncle Ralph (hoping for a promotion soon)", and we add it to your "Q". This exact name/string gets sent back to you a few days later based on their position in the Q. This is a very intentional design decision. We've tried a few systems in the past to help manage this, and this is what we've realized... there are three parts to being good at "keeping in touch": 1. deciding "who" to reconnect with 2. deciding "when" to reconnect with them 3. remembering to reconnect at that time Most of the apps in this space help with #3, but you still have to answer the "when" question explicitly (e.g. "once a week on Wednesdays at noon"). Now, multiply that by the N people you want to keep in contact with and you have a lot of thinking, deciding, clicking, and dropping-down to do before you're any better at keeping in touch. pplQ reduces all of this down to... tell us *who*, and we'll do the rest. We think pplQ fills a big gap we see in the "scheduling" space between todo lists and calendars. Would love to chat, so please jump in with any comments, questions, etc! :)
Good stuff, Berkeley. Have one question though: does it text you at a fixed time everyday?
@ro_hit_ Hey! Yes, the current version reminds everyone at the same time - 11am Pacific. We're going to test other setups, like letting users choose the time they get notified. Any suggestions on what you'd like?
Hey @berkeleymalagon - very interesting idea and I've often thought about this concept - essentially taking the best parts of CRM and making them a bit more personal. Would be great if you could: - only remind me N people a day (ask me to set a goal, and start at 1 or 2) - if my queue is more than N people a day and the threshold is passed continue giving me N people/day reminder until the backlog is gone - ask me a few days after you've reminded me if I actually did it, and whether I got the outcome I wanted (reconnect / meeting / question answered etc) - on a weekly or monthly basis give me a report showing how many people I wanted to reconnect with and give me a method of measuring whether I did it - ask me one or two attributes of the person I want to reconnect with (e.g. "baseball" or "project" or "cousin" or "left-handed"); in my monthly rollup, let me know if I've grouped people by > 1 in a topic or attribute. Nice work so far. Very much fits into the idea of "invisible apps" (my thoughts on this topic here ... I think I need to update or revise this post): http://gregmeyer.com/2013/10/19/...)
@grmeyer Thanks for the great feedback and suggestions! Great blog post, btw... we were ecstatic to see we made the cut on @rrhoover 's Invisible App collection :) And great chatting with you offline! I friggin love Product Hunt <3