A virtual database of the entire human population πŸ‘₯

From the maker

Ian Dennis Miller
@iandennismillerΒ Β· PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Hey everybody - thanks for your interest! This project is part of my research.


Pera Nadj
I found a 6 year old boy with an income of $45,000USD When I was 6 I was playing with pokemon cards
Ryan Hoover
@rrhooverΒ Β· Founder, Product Hunt
This would be a great marketing stunt for the next season of Black Mirror.
Graham Gnall
@ggnallΒ Β· Product Manager - Bluecore
Is this just lorem ipsum for hu-mons?
Maxim Zubarev
@thelambostoryΒ Β· Student
this has to be joke, right?
John Fowler
@johnsteerfowlerΒ Β· Founder, Zero Host
Wow. What a great data source. It really makes you think when you click 'random agent' and the first person you get does not have access to the internet...