A virtual database of the entire human population πŸ‘₯

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I found a 6 year old boy with an income of $45,000USD When I was 6 I was playing with pokemon cards
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@peranadj maybe that kid is selling hustling the rarest Charizard and Mew Mew collectibles. πŸ€”
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@rrhoover @peranadj Maybe he's a follower of Gary Vaynerchuk
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@peranadj I found a 1 year old girl with an income of $61471
@svenvd_zee @peranadj not too many legit, not-creative-tax-sheltering reasons for that... what we might be looking at is child models/actors. So bless those children now because most don't turn out moguls like Mary Kate and Ashley! :/
@peranadj heh - maybe it's possible, but I think it's unlikely that any such 6-year-old exists. Right now, the database has many instances of implausible people, but this number will be reduced with time.
This would be a great marketing stunt for the next season of Black Mirror.
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@rrhoover Super interesting. Did a bit of research -- Apparently it's this PhD candidate's project... http://imiller.utsc.utoronto.ca/
@srcasm nice find! Adding @iandennismiller as the maker.
@rrhoover reality is stranger than fiction
Is this just lorem ipsum for hu-mons?
@ggnall I think it's better: these simulated people are plausible, at least in aggregate. It's like lorem ipsum insofar as these data can serve as a "placeholder" but goes farther by also being inherently interesting data (for certain questions), whereas lorem ipsum might as well be gibberish.
this has to be joke, right?
Wow. What a great data source. It really makes you think when you click 'random agent' and the first person you get does not have access to the internet...
@steerj92 I got the same LOL
@steerj92 that internet access figure will be an interesting one to watch over the coming years... Presently, the majority have no access. It really does recalibrate your perception to click through a few random agents.
@iandennismiller Yes, you're right. Good luck with the research and thanks for making a great product