World’s first smart payment terminal

#4 Product of the DayOctober 29, 2014
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Thanks for the support, we're excited to be able to finally share our product and vision. Lots more to come!
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@taps My first question would be where this is available. Looks US only to me. And I'd love to know that up front and maybe leave my email address so I can be notified when it's available in my country. If it is international though, I'd like to see that somewhere as well. Because that's a big selling point. Most payment systems are only available in the US.
@Jonnotie We're focused on the US for now, but the technology works globally. Our plan is to expand internationally in the latter half of 2015.
This is awesome. Love the sleek, modern design too! I'm surprised Square hasn't come out with any closer to this -- especially with NFC capabilities.
This looks awesome! Shopify integration would make it even better :)
@hsl Shopify has their own POS, so I wonder how they'd take to it. http://www.shopify.com/pos. Poynt does seem pretty awesome though!
@ShloimeFlg Yeah I know, but the dual display setup looks a lot better :-)
I've known @obedier and @taps for a while and these guys are awesome. Looking forward to seeing the rollout of Poynt!
sweet product and smart business model cause transaction fees are not.