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Ilya provides awesome support.... he ran an awesome deal thru @noahkagan 's AppSumo... well worth the price!
I was looking around for something on the site that was like "Marketplace" or "Hire An Expert" to see if it's possible to get a hybrid approach - i.e. have someone more experienced in animation but using this tool to reduce costs etc. I eventually found this in the footer (http://www.powtoon.com/studio/), but think that it might be worth testing it in a more prominent place?
PowToon is awesome. We used it to create our product video for Convertable, which PowToon actually features on their homepage under the 'Product Demos' example videos - (
). It's very easy to use while being quite robust and very affordable.
Great Product but the site breaks down after adding more scenes, I assume there should be a prompt fix for it.

I used it for about one month to produce a presentation video for an IT solution. It allowed me as a non profesionnal about video editing to product a nice video to present the product at an event


Very easy to use


quite long on some operations, and export had some bugs when I used it