Automate searching the web for company data

Powrbot turns company names into data, like their website, industry, location & revenue. No more Googling!

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Thanks for hunting @s2_krish @mrmiyagi, lead gen can be so time consuming that being able to input company names and get info back is great. How do you guarantee the accuracy of the data? Do you have plans to add features like finding actual individuals / specific people based on job titles? That would be more useful for the work I do.
@s2_krish @abadesi Thanks for your comments Abadesi! Data on individuals is next on our list after finalising companies, it's good to hear from you that there is demand for that. Our tool will use search terms to find "top" results, we don't manually verify this data, but do provide multiple sources to try and increase the likelihood the right company has been found. We might add an "accuracy likelihood score", to try and allow simple filtering of the things we are more confident than not is a company. The benefits of this approach are we get up-to-date data from the web, and don't need to charge as much as other data providers as it's mainly server resources and a few APIs we are paying for. Further feedback most welcome (you can catch me here or david@powrbot.com).
Great job!! Could it help in lead generation?
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Definitely.

This tool is simply amazing. Provides us with almost all the data that we require of a company.


It provides us with a hell lot of data required from a company :)


we are required to performa lot of homework to get the results, but the results prove their worth :)

Awesome to hear! Thanks for reviewing.
Could I get phone numbers out of it?
@mwarcholinski Not at this stage Matt, I'll add it to the list of things to look at.
Would it be possible to search specific companies based on name or url without uploading a csv?
@davidmaliglowka We could introduce that, but the idea is for just one company you could perform a Google search and copy information just as easily. The benefit we bring is when needing to do 10s, 100s, or 100s of searches. Let me know your thoughts.
@mrmiyagi That makes sense, but I know I personally didn't want to upload my data in there without knowing what I would get back. By being able to do one I would understand the value of the service better. Also understanding what info should be in the CSV would be helpful. For example just a company name or their website as well.
@davidmaliglowka That's good feedback, and makes sense, thanks. I did have a "Need help? Download a sample file" which is a list of 50 company names in a CSV to upload and test it out. I think the approach you're asking for would be a lot better to quickly test the product - I will add to the list to implement. It can handle a company name or a website.