Save $400 per year on your water heating bill

PowerX makes water heating much more efficient. It is the Nest for water heating. It learns the water temperature you like and heats just as much water as is needed. PowerX saves an avg of $400/year and the CO2 emissions of what 10 fully grown trees can do!
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It's really need of this global warming era.. we need to use minimum sources and less emission.. I really like it
Loved this concept since I heard the first pitch. Excited to hear feedback from the first group of residential users here in the states. The beta tests went perfectly!
@jack_kuveke thanks a lot jack! You have always been super helpful 🀝
Is it compatible with all electric water heaters?
@bryanmitchiner With 95% of electric heaters, yes! If you have a very particular one please send me an email and I shall be happy to take a look and confirm 😊
Love the idea of easily IOT'ifying an existing hot water heater - but the site doesn't have any information about how it works, installs, etc. - the existing links point to an enterprise case study
@ryanstenson Dear Ryan - many thanks for the comment. We're very happy you like the idea! Would you mind to download the installation guides again? The links should point to the correct documents for residential users now. Again, thanks a lot for pointing this out!
Would be curious on the value proposition versus a tankless water heater. A new tankless will run $2-3k whereas PowerX can be added to an existing water heater for $99. But presumably there are efficiency differences?
@michaelirene Mike, thanks for the great question! The value proposition depends a lot the specific model. Generally speaking, PowerX makes tanked heaters more similar to tankless ones using the PowerX optimization software. But there are also a number of other benefits tanked heaters with PowerX can provide to you. (A) you get rich insights on your personal PowerX dashboard, including how much energy you use, how much of it is wasted, how you compare to the local average and personalized tips on how you can save energy (B) PowerX optimizes for energy prices. If you are in a state with variable pricing PowerX makes sure to heat when energy prices are low and wait with heating when energy prices are high (e.g. in Texas or New York, energy prices change every 15 minutes and can increase over 200% over the course of a day) (C) For electric heaters, PowerX can do load-balancing with utility companies. Virtually combining heaters is like building a large distributed thermal battery. If there is surplus energy in the grid, PowerX can distribute it into heaters, if there is risk of blackout, PowerX can turn off heaters that still have enough heat, hence helping to balance the grid for entire municipalities. These benefits are worth a lot of money to utility companies and we try to capture this value and forward it to users sending users regular checks :-)