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PowerSpike allows you to find, hire and manage top Twitch influencers at scale so you can generate brand awareness and drive sales within the gaming community.

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Hey PH, AJ here from the PowerSpike team. Over the past 4 years my co-founders and I have worked on a project very close to all of our hearts that we’re excited to share with you all today called PowerSpike. PowerSpike is a platform that allows marketers to easily find, hire, and manage Twitch influencers to generate brand awareness and accelerate business growth within the gaming community. My co-founders and I started building PowerSpike out of a small dorm room at Syracuse University; at the time we had just come off the failure of a previous startup we had worked on, and built PowerSpike as a passion project after discovering just how hard it was first hand as influencers to monetize your career on Twitch. We bootstrapped the startup for the first 2 years, sustaining ourselves off of business plan competitions in college, until finally raising a round of funding last year, and moving into the Techstars Atlanta program. Over the course of the past 4 years, we’ve had the opportunity to manage hundreds of thousands of dollars of sponsorship deals on behalf of major brands like Soylent, and had the opportunity to experience just how painful influencer marketing is. Between having to reach out to influencers one on one, negotiate agreements over email, manage talent, and communicate consistently, we’ve found brands are spending hundreds of hours having to manage their influencer efforts in-house every month. We built PowerSpike to solve this problem, and recently launched Match, a product enabling any brand to purchase influencer content just like they would buy an ad on Facebook or Google. Simply tell PowerSpike what you want, and it delivers results. I.E. - Influencer Marketing as a legitimate media channel. Building this startup has been one of the most amazing adventures of my life, and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to share what we’ve been building with you all for so long, today. You can check out PowerSpike here -- and it’s totally free for anyone who books a demo this month: https://powerspike.tv/match We’d love to hear your feedback on the tools that we can incorporate into future development sprints! -AJ
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Big fan of what AJ and team are doing. It's a well needed marketplace in the streamer space!
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@turner_levison Thanks Turner! We really appreciate it 😄
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As a marketer this is such a valuable tool!
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@missdestructo Thank you so much Amber!
hey @aj_damiano love that you can take the guesswork out of finding influencers for campaigns. Really hard for a brand to know who aligns best with a brand. What are some successful campaigns you've seen at @powerspike_
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@powerspike_ @mrmikesmith Hey Mike, some of the most successful campaigns we’ve seen have been with companies like Soylent, where they really focused on getting the influencers involved in the campaign in an authentic way. They sent cases of their product to all the influencers they hired, and had them try it out live on stream. We also included a link to the product below each livestream as well. It was really successful, and they saw around a ~10-15% click through rate at the time of the promotion! They also made some great influencer relationships with those who went above and beyond too.
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@powerspike_ @aj_damiano wow 10-15% click through rate. unheard of.
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Hi @aj_damiano Great looking product! how are you pulling data from Twitch for campaign analytics? Are you using an API?
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@realdontae Hey Dontae! Thanks so much! We work from the Twitch API and our own set of analytics tools to pull metrics for the campaign.