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Take ownership of your career, your network, and how much you earn with powerful email scripts that can't be ignored.

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Some details on exactly what we’re getting if we give you our email address would be much more enticing.
@anna_0x Agree! Definitely not getting my email without any clear description about the product.
If you still want to check 'em out: https://growthmastermind.org/scr...
Not much details given, so why should I give you my details? #1 mastermind community in marketing, isn't that what everyone says? I want to see some statistics that show that you truly are #1.
@mastemine Hey Logan, thanks so much for the feedback! We've implemented some more information about our community. We feature insights from growth leaders at top companies like Box, Google, Twilio, and Amazon - and have better made that clear on our pages. Hope to see you around!
didn't received any mail? 😞
@nicetr Email me at dylan@mission.org, if you still haven't received it!
@mission @dylanbrendan Thanks! I received and looks very promising and unique!

great idea , will give it a try


super usefull


not yet