The flying robot by PowerVision

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Charles Magnuson
Charles Magnuson@magnuson · Professional Consumer
I seem to be unable to find the two most important specifications for this drone on their website: 1) Flight time on a single charge 2) Maximum distance achievable from remote control
Laura @roracan
@magnuson Took me some time to find, but there are more details on the pre-sale page. "MAX FLIGHT TIME 23 min". It also says "Control ranges of up to 3.1 miles / 5 kilometers". They really should add this highlights to the product video.
RamHunter@ramkumarhq · Startups Lover, Business Consultant
PowerEgg's video presentation is top notch, great marketing video (Here is the Gif)
Tom Bielecki
Tom Bielecki@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
@ramkumarhq the video looks pretty fake, which gives me the feeling that it's vapourware
RamHunter@ramkumarhq · Startups Lover, Business Consultant
@tombielecki -- hmmm, i don't think so...may be the original marketing video is too good (they could have used other professional drones, who knows)...but the product is real, here is the Hands on video, so it's not a vaporware ;)