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Although this is a Strikingly site (nice way for MVP) I think it's very cool @IrvingTorresYC took the time to curate this list and do a write up on 30+ books! I think curated content is very valuable for Startups/Entrepreneurs, that's why I'm currently building something myself called Startup Stash.
@bramk Bram. Your Startup Stash link isn't working. I think you forgot to put the .com in there.
@erictwillis thanks working now :)
What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the kind words @bramk . I'm actually planning on growing this to 100+ books. I have a huge list that was put together by asking all of my entrepreneur friends, r/entrepreneur, and many more places. I'm excited to hear some of your feedback and help more people find awesome books.
I've seen other business book summary sites before. How are you summarizing these, @irvingtorresyc, and have you received permission from the author/publisher? I assume summarizing is entirely legal without their OK but as a writer I would prefer readers to buy and read the full book. More importantly, I wouldn't want someone to misinterpret my book (some things are very hard to accurately distill if you're not the author).
@rrhoover I got a few of my pals to help and I wrote up the majority of them. You're right about being objective, it can be tough especially since I am a big fan of certain authors. However, I have tried to gloss over the points in a short paragraph (brevity helped with objectivity) and I added the Amazon link so that people can buy the book and support the author if they like the summary. I did not get permission since I believe this is within legal boundaries and I also believe that knowledge is free. I'm still planning on growing this to 100+ books. Thanks for the feedback!
@irvingtorresyc @rrhoover I seem to recall there was another site exactly like this one that made PH or the top of /r/entrepreneur about three months back (can't remember which), but I definitely think there's value in something like this. Saw you post on /r/entrepreneur when you launched this the other day and it's good to see that you took everyone's advice onboard and added some Amazon affiliate links :)
@rossdcurrie Thanks for the support. Yes I built this for the communities I am part of. /r/entrepreneur is one of the best! Glad you saw it there a week ago when I launched it. I've been improving it more every day. It's a great tool that will live with my other startup & entrepreneur resources on my site at www.youngandceo.com