Power Vessel Mini Gaming Keyboard is the ultimate portable wireless accessory. A gaming controller, handheld optimized keyboard, bluetooth music player and hub, computer mouse and universal remote.
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Hey Product Hunt Community :) Power Vessel is ✅ All-in-One input device : Gamepad, Mouse and Keyboard ✅ 8 directional ALPS jog - 500,000 cycles of durable life ✅ Wireless audio receiver : CSRA64215 Chipset ✅ Apple TV, Fire TV, Mii Box and Shield TV compatible ✅ Hands-Free and Camera Selfie function ✅ 2 step mouse speed control function ✅ Easy thumb-typing Backlight keypad ✅ Built-in battery Let me know what you think..!
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can i build easier on fortnite mobile with this?
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@rodrigo_stevens Hi Rodrigo, Yes, you can play fortnite on mobile as G-mode.
Does this work with PUBG?
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@simongabriel No, PUBG doesn't support mobile Gamepad.
Whats the difference from the Moog Game Pad?
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@linusekenstam Hi Linus, This is multi-function, all-in-one device. so you can use as gamepad, keyboard and mouse. and more this works with bulit-in CSR Hi-Fi audio receiver.
I would like to see more color options. Maybe this is smth you consider for the future?
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@antonio_marazzo For now we only have black and white. WE think of having more colors for future. Which color would you like?
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@albert_kim2 A yellow one may be :)