Power Mountain

The Fastest 50,000mAh Palm-sized Power Bank

Power Mountain charges 9 times faster than traditional power banks. Good for laptops, phones, tablets, games and more, all day long. Comes with 2 x USB (2.4A) and 1 x USB Type-C (45W) ports

  • Nikolai Lebedovsky
    Nikolai LebedovskyMaking Things Happen >>> Startup Adviser

    Capacity; Powerful USB Type-C port; Stand


    Not sure about the form factor; Can not take it to airplane cabin.

    You can preorder one now for ¥16,500 which is about $148. For 50,000 mAh it's a good price.

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  • Pros: 

    looks like a good product


    Its on kick starter . complete fraud

    Its on kick starter . complete fraud

    Shamit Khemka has never used this product.
I don't think one can take these on flights 🤔🔋⚡
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@amrith Limit is 100 watt hours (Wh) per battery, this one is 50 Wh. CORRECTED: This one is actually 185 Wh.
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@russianpilgrim I thought the limit was 27000mAh 🤔
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@amrith Oh Yes! You are right! mixed up Wh and Ah.
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this seems pretty useful
Did not believe such power could be possible from such a small source. Amazing Work.