Power 20

Badass workouts for busy people (iPhone)

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#4 Product of the DayJuly 04, 2014
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Trevor OwensHunter@to · CEO, Javelin.com
The Founder, Arshad, is a health nut and can do over 30 pullups.
James Pember@jamesepember · CEO, Sparta
Actually going to try this at the gym later today. I'm a loyal Fitocracy user, but these could be useful.
Arshad G. Chowdhury@arshadgc · Creator of Power 20
@jamesepember Oh man. I feel bad for you. These workouts are not easy. But they also go hand in hand with Fitocracy, which is a company I love as well.
Arshad G. Chowdhury@arshadgc · Creator of Power 20
Hi friends! Yep, I created Power 20. Have questions? I may have answers. Maybe.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@arshadgc what would you say are 3 core fitness principles you abide by and that underlie Power 20? we've had a couple fitness products on product hunt - hackerbody.com comes to mind.
Arshad G. Chowdhury@arshadgc · Creator of Power 20
@eriktorenberg Sure, the 3 that come to mind are: 1. Super simple to use. No decisions. Even my impressively dumb brother can get a great workout every time. For that matter, we don't collect user data, don't make you join a social network, and we don't nag you to exercise. (If you're one of my brothers, I'm talking about the other one.) 2. They are High intensity, interval training (HIIT) workouts. These are spurts of movement followed by brief rest. These workouts are longer than a 4-minute Tabata, but follow the same principles. 3. Each app must be good enough for doctors to prescribe them. And they are. So far, two of these have been certified as "Health Apps" by Happtique, an app store for doctors.
Brad Feld@bfeld · Managing Director, Foundry Group
Just grabbed 7 and Power 20. Psyched to see this - let's see if I can get in a rhythm.
Arshad G. Chowdhury@arshadgc · Creator of Power 20
@bfeld Great! Spread the word if you like them. If you don't... well, don't say anything to anybody!