Check your iPhone battery life easily from your Apple Watch

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I released an app like this weeks ago that also does notifications. Mine's free, which I feel is the right price. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
The idea came to be when I realized my iPhone isn't always in my hands now that Apple Watch is here. It tends to be charging in the other room, in my pocket or in my backpack so walking across the office, rummaging in your pocket or backpack can get messy. However, with Power, you can easily glance at your iPhone battery life (with a beautiful and native UI) from your Apple Watch with a simple swipe gesture.
@surenix Congrats on stumbling on the next flashlight app, haha. You're one of many... search the App Store for Apple Watch. I released free version of this weeks ago.
If you like this, there is also Dash for Apple Watch by @marmelroy which appears to present the phone's battery percentage amongst other things. EDIT: Forgot to mention that I am actively using Power everyday. I frequently put my phone away while I focus on other things, and having the power check on my Watch has been great.
Thanks @gregbarbosa! I like @surenix's design for Power too. Nice to see more people creating cool glances.
Beautiful simplicity! Clever app! I love the design, and it solves a definite annoyance for me (walking and phone is in backpack or pocket, while my hands are full). Thanks for sharing!
@tycrollins thank you so much! This was totally me today at JailbreakCon in San Francisco! I had my iPhone charging in my pack and this have me the Power to not always wonder "when can I start using my phone again" because the answer is right there on your wrist now! ;-)
Good to know I don't have to pull my iPhone out of my pocket anymore just to check the battery level. *there's (a watch) app for that*
@robjama haha clever comment! ;-)