Voice enable your kitchen faucet with precise measurements

PourMi is a voice-activated kitchen faucet experience, that gives you precisely what you need, conserving water and time.

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Seems a tad overkill at first thought, but also cool to be able to have Alexa to "Pour me 2 quarts" or any other precise amount of water needed.
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What exactly is wrong with measuring cups? Why do I need a faucet I can talk to?
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@sarang_sheth haha definitely nothing is wrong with measuring cups. As someone who is in the kitchen a lot cooking, it's super nice to just be able to get the exact measurement of water I need for my recipe, poured right into my mixing bowl or pan. It's also been awesome when my hands are gross with raw chicken juice or whatever else, to just ask PourMi to turn on the water. Then I don't get my faucet gross!
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out. Does it ship to India
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@ayush_chandra Unfortunately it doesn't ship to India at this time.
At first I said "That's dumb" then I said "Wait a minute... that's actually really awesome". I would pledge now, but I'm concerned about losing normal function of the faucet. I feel like it'd have to be "on" in Pourmi to use the faucet as normal. I feel like with talented engineers it could work really smoothly... but I'm worried with a bootstrapped team and the complexity of delivering a hardware product the software will fall by the wayside like so many kickstarter projects.
@claudesutterlin One of the nice things about PourMi is that you can still use your faucet just like normal (manually). Then, during those times that you want the precise water measurements, or want to turn on your faucet without getting it dirty, you can easily switch PourMi to and from the voice activation mode.
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@claudesutterlin @mardjohnsun ^ is a talented engineer. Source: I work with him as an engineer making computer chips.
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Thought it was dumb too then I thought about NOT having to find measuring cups for adding water to reciepes. The cup I need always seems to be missing or I if need a lot of water for a recipe.
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@automateiq haha it is so true. It seems like the measuring cup I need is either dirty or I can't find it anywhere.