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Pouch.fyi is the UK's free web app to help you manage insurance better | by Worry+Peace

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I've been trying out Pouch for a few days – it's really neat. It's a bit like a mix between Apple Wallet for your different insurance policies, combined with a marketplace to find the best (and most affordable) insurance for your specific needs. Great to see some user friendly tech in the insurance space!
Hi! I'm the founder. This has been the best mission, i'd love your feedback on what other features and UX improvements Worry+Peace can add to Pouch. Thanks for checking the hunt out!
Will definitely be checking this out when I need to next shop for insurance!
@iamashley Aw, shucks! Thanks
I've been looking like for this exact thing recently and here it is! But I see this is UK based, does it work for US insurance policies? Also, what's the "introduction code" on the sign-up form?
@kevinharrell Hi + Thanks! Technically, the only issue for using it from USA would be the formatting for £/$ - but the functionality should all work fine. Especially the PouchMail. We're keen to set up a USA version asap so would love you to superuser for us, for swag? haha. Intro code is for a referral - should let you sign up without it, but jump on Live Chat if it's buggin' out somehow... we've had quite a lot of extra traffic today. Ping the team a heads up if you're keen to speak further. Hello@worryandpeace.com / Thanks again for the kudos

Really handy place to centralise your insurance policies both from a personal perspective, and for a team. Plus a whole marketplace to find new insurance policies that meet your requirements – Pouch is the first place I'll check next time we're looking for insurance of any kind.


Brings together your insurance policies in one easy to manage place.


User experience is getting better every day – still early days on that!