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Pouch.fyi is the UK's free web app to help you manage insurance better | by Worry+Peace

James Gill
Nick Shimmen
Alexandra Isenegger
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  • James Gill
    James GillCEO, GoSquared

    Brings together your insurance policies in one easy to manage place.


    User experience is getting better every day – still early days on that!

    Really handy place to centralise your insurance policies both from a personal perspective, and for a team. Plus a whole marketplace to find new insurance policies that meet your requirements – Pouch is the first place I'll check next time we're looking for insurance of any kind.

    James Gill has used this product for one week.
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James Gill
James GillHiring@jamesjgill · CEO, GoSquared
I've been trying out Pouch for a few days – it's really neat. It's a bit like a mix between Apple Wallet for your different insurance policies, combined with a marketplace to find the best (and most affordable) insurance for your specific needs. Great to see some user friendly tech in the insurance space!
James York
James YorkMaker@jamesjwyork · Founder, Worry+Peace
Hi! I'm the founder. This has been the best mission, i'd love your feedback on what other features and UX improvements Worry+Peace can add to Pouch. Thanks for checking the hunt out!
Ashley Baxter
Ashley Baxter@iamashley · Founder, With Jack
Will definitely be checking this out when I need to next shop for insurance!
James York
James YorkMaker@jamesjwyork · Founder, Worry+Peace
@iamashley Aw, shucks! Thanks
Kevin Harrell
Kevin Harrell@kevinharrell · Co-Founder, Marketvana
I've been looking like for this exact thing recently and here it is! But I see this is UK based, does it work for US insurance policies? Also, what's the "introduction code" on the sign-up form?
James York
James YorkMaker@jamesjwyork · Founder, Worry+Peace
@kevinharrell Hi + Thanks! Technically, the only issue for using it from USA would be the formatting for £/$ - but the functionality should all work fine. Especially the PouchMail. We're keen to set up a USA version asap so would love you to superuser for us, for swag? haha. Intro code is for a referral - should let you sign up without it, but jump on Live Chat if it's buggin' out somehow... we've had quite a lot of extra traffic today. Ping the team a heads up if you're keen to speak further. Hello@worryandpeace.com / Thanks again for the kudos