Turn your Intercom into Harry Potter

Pottercom is fancy dress for your talkative pal.

A super itty bitty script to add some magic to your Intercom, and finally give them the halloween costume they deserve.

Edit: Some people have asked if this will stay up for the future, past Halloween. Absolutely!

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Hey Guys, Last week I looked at our little Intercom pal on the corner of my screen and although he had a smile on his face, I couldn't help but wonder why he seemed a little unhappy. It suddenly struck me we were fast approaching halloween and whilst his friends Google and Facebook were busy preparing spooky treats, my little Intercom had no costume to speak of. No costume on halloween?! I hear you say with disbelief. I know. When I myself have a smorgasbord of blood and vampire teeth to scare my way to delicious treats how could I leave my little friend bare, as if naked on a cold winters day? So, getting artsy and crafty I designed this simple Harry Potter costume for my talkative little friend (Wizards being his favourite and all) and wanted to share it with you in hope that if you know of any other little Coms that are slightly sad this halloween, they too can feel a little magic. ✨
Hey! Cool idea, like how personalised it can make the little widget, any plans for adding other costumes? :D
@aaronoleary Thanks Aaron, there may or may not be a Christmas outfit on the way! We'll have to see where the demand takes us. All suggestions are welcome.
hahaha, amazing!